Treya’s Last Dance Reviews



Bhatt is an electric performer, showing her intelligence in every emotional gear shift and in her ability to play superb comedy, as well as complex grief.

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- Jacquelyn Claire


“ - a moving journey of emotional introspection, and a subtle showcase of Bhatt’s charismatic skills -

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- Sunetra Senior

Theatre is Easy

Bhatt excels in creating a world of diverse people even though there is just one person on stage.

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- Maria Paz Alegre

Pulse Connects

This is a clever, moving piece and Bhatt gives a dynamic performance of a woman in chaos, navigating her way between what is expected of her and the urgency of her own feelings.

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- Ayndrilla Singharay

The Reviews Hub

“ - the central flow of both Bhatt’s writing and performance is superb. Notably, she is deft at managing cultural stereotypes in a way that avoids both racial profiling and preening political correctness – a rare skill indeed.

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- James Bartholomeusz

A Younger Theatre

“In under an hour, Bhatt’s performance builds the kind of character complexity you hope for in a feature film.

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- Ettie Bailey-King

British Theatre Guide

“ - a well-constructed play that proves Shyam Bhatt both to be a good writer and a talented mimic, whose variety of accents never lets her down.

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- Philip Fisher

Stage Raw

“ - fiercely intelligent script … Bhatt’s whip-smart, authentic delivery make her great company.

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- Jenny Lower

HS Insider

“The one-hour show brought awareness to harsh topics in a humorous way.

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- Chloe Padilla

See It LA

“Bhatt commands the stage from the very beginning and has the audience eating out of the palm of her hand by the end.

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- Kat Michels